Onsite G & M code Program Training

CNC Swiss Machine Training.  A CNC Swiss machine works only as well as the operators and programmers who run it. For this reason we provide detailed instruction from the basic principles to the most challenging Aerospace and Medical applications such […]

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Onsite PartMaker Training

Finding it hard to schedule PartMaker training off campus for your employees? Encompass Swiss Consulting Inc. can help!  We come to your facility to do the training.  We help you with YOUR parts on YOUR machines and work around YOUR […]

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Temporary Programming / Application Engineer

Already have your programmer running at capacity? A new project launch with limited man hours? Need a temporary process and application Engineer for your Swiss Department? Encompass Swiss Consulting Inc. can help. From tooling selection to programming to setup sheets […]

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Onsite CNC Swiss Machine Setup Training

Setup times can make or break the profit margin on any job. Training employees to perform the setup efficiently and correctly the first time is essential to minimize changeover and downtime. We can provide the training and assistance ALL AT […]

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Welcome to Encompass Swiss Consulting Inc.

Encompassing all of your CNC Swiss Machine training / support needs.

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CNC Swiss Machining is a very competitive business.  Over the past 15 years the CNC Swiss Machine market has grown faster than any other machining segment due to the advances in the capability of the machines.  Every year CNC Swiss Machines are being delivered to shops all around the world and you have to compete with them.

What makes the critical difference between CNC Swiss Machine shops is training. A CNC Swiss machine works only as well as the operators and programmers who are trained to run, setup, and program them.  Just because someone has the machine, does not mean he has the experience or training to use the equipment to its full capabilities. The shops who realize this have the key to their success.  Comprehensive CNC Swiss Machine training is the key.

With almost 30 years machining experience, Encompass Swiss Consulting Inc. has the firm base knowledge and advanced skills to help any company succeed in the art of Swiss Machining.  We have a vast customer base in Medical Device, Aerospace, Automotive, Agriculture, Commercial and Electronics manufacturers across the United States.  Working with today’s top machine and tooling manufacturers allows Encompass Swiss Consulting Inc. to be on the leading edge of advances in CNC Swiss Machine training, giving our customers the clear advantage in the industry.

Encompass Swiss Consulting Inc. is one of the only CNC Swiss Machine training companies that specializes in classes on-site at your facility.  Be sure to visit our Services page to see all the ways we can help your company.

Companies large and small across the Unites States have entrusted their training needs to Encompass Swiss Consulting Inc. We have been fortunate enough to be included in magazines like Modern Machine Shop and Production Machining for the services we provide for our customers.

Though we never disclose our customers, some have graciously offered reviews for us on LinkedIn. 
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Douglas A. Paoletta
Encompass Swiss Consulting Inc.